Hello World

Just a few days ago I was able to start doing Facebook Graph searches.  I was able to come up with some pretty funny searches.  Like “spouses of men who like Prostitutes” or similarly “spouses of men who like Ashley Madison”.  This was Jan 23, 2013 or there about.  Jan 24, 2013 I came upon a few very interesting plugins for WordPress and the idea for this website started to take shape.  I contacted the author of these plugins and made a bundle purchase of pretty much everything he had available for sale.  Jan 25, 2013 I registered the domain name and created the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Today on Jan 26, 2013 the website is pretty much set up.  It doesn’t have any custom designed graphics but I think I might keep it that way.  Well maybe apart from a logo that can be used as a profile picture.  I think I’m done playing around with the various plugin settings and have the basic categories I would want figured out.

This whole exercise has made me realize that perhaps I’m a different kind of serial entrepreneur.  The kind that comes up with new website ideas on a daily basis.  It’s yet to be seen what I do with this new insight.  It took me about 3 days to pull this website together.  Time will tell if I have the basics right or if I end up making major changes later. Now it’s time to go and maybe add 10 pictures to put into each category so new visitors actually have something to rank.

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